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DUCOM was awarded the 2005 National Defense Logistics Award Winner for "In-Theater Contractor-Military Collaboration of the Year" Wheeled Vehicle Support Center, Camp Anaconda, Balad, Iraq.


Past Performance Project Highlights:

  • Wide breadth of experience in supporting wheeled, tracked, MHE and watercraft systems to include our award winning effort.

  • Provided FAA with Supportability Studies for radar and voice switching systems. Analyzed parts obsolescence/ Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) issues to provide FAA with plan for maintaining systems.

  • Upgraded the FAA's Warehouse Management System at the FAA Logistics Center at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK. Supports FAA operations world wide from nuts and bolts to major end items.

  • Performed numerous Logistic Tasks under the Focused Sustainment, ILSC Omnibus, FIRST, and other contractual vehicles that include the following levels of effort:

    • Maintenance and Maintenance Management

    • RESET and other Maintenance Operations from operator thru complete overhaul

    • MWO installation to include all associated AoA MWOs installed In Theater

    • Warehouse/Supply Chain Management

    • Analysis of High Demand Repairs/Repair Parts plus part obsolescence analysis

    • Development and Presentation of Instructional Courses to include videos

    • Kitting and Modifications to Kits

    • Acquisition Logistic support

    • Test Support Operations

    • Seasoned Program Manager with In-Theater Experience

    • Transportation Motor Pool Operations

    • Provided GSA Vehicle Maintenance Management on a fleet in excess of 850 vehicles at Fort Knox, KY

    • Publications from operator thru DMWR/NWMR

    • Change Packages to Manuals including two level maintenance

    • Army Sustainment Command Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)

    • Army Sustainment Command Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE)











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