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DUCOM, Inc. offers a broad range of technical and management services, including the following:


ADP Information Systems
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Data Processing Management Program

  • Data Base Design

Aerospace / Aviation Programs

Air Traffic Control, Telecommunications
  • Financial Planning, Assistance in Capital Formation

  • New Technologies, Equipment and Support Services

  • Airport and Environmental Planning

  • Facility Design and Construction

  • Program Management and Logistics

  • Aviation Safety (Equipment, Operations, Airports)

  • Focused Airport Development

  • Security (Crime, Terrorist, Operations, Others)

  • Systems Engineering

  • Air Space Planning and Management

  • Human Resources-Training, Screening and Certification

  • Project-Specific Ancillary Areas

  • Aircraft Maintenance

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Applications

  • Radar Systems Technical Assessment and Implementation

Economic Research & Development

Investment & Finance Analysis
  • Energy Modeling

  • Infrastructure and Marketing Support

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Engineering Computer Applications

Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineering Computer Analysis
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Systems

  • Core Capacity Analysis

Environmental/Safety Engineering

Chemical Control
  • Hazard Communications/Right-To-Know Program

  • Environmental Impact Studies

  • Compliance Assessment

Facility Engineering

Site Selection
  • Maintenance and Logistic Support

  • Facility Design

  • Cost Estimating and Bid Preparations

  • Construction Management

  • CADD Applications

Foreign Operations

International Marketing
  • Research & Development

  • Import/Export

General Management

Program Management Support
  • Performance Evaluation

  • Organization and Structure Analysis

  • Management Auditing

  • Personnel Management

Industrial Engineering

Staffing Standards Development
  • Productivity Improvement Studies

  • Human Resource Planning

  • Occupational Analysis

  • Automated Manufacturing Systems

  • Quality Control

  • Value Analysis

  • Inventory Control


Integrated Logistics Support
  • Total Package Fielding

  • Foreign Military Sales Case Support

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Management Support

  • Operations and Maintenance Support

  • Supply and Asset Chain Management

  • Transportation and Property Movement Management

Merger & Acquisition (M & A)

Strategic Planning
  • Searching & Screening Candidates

  • Analysis

  • Valuation

  • Due Diligence

  • Structuring Transactions

  • Negotiations

  • Re-engineering

  • Post-Merger Integration

Operations Research

Mathematical Modeling
  • Simulations

  • Statistical Modeling and Analysis

  • Reliability/Risk Analysis

  • Optimization

  • Life Cycle Analysis

Security Management Systems

Automated and Integrated Security and Access Control Systems
  • Computer Security Systems

Software Development Applications

System Analysis and Design
  • Data Base Management

  • Hardware Requirement Analysis

  • Computer Programming

  • Modeling and Simulation

  • Graphic Storage Development

  • CAD/CAM Systems

Systems Engineering

System Design and Development
  • System Integration

  • Automation

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Process Control and Analysis

  • Robotics Applications


Telephone Communication Systems - PABX and Key Systems
  • Radiotelephone Communications

  • Local Area Networks

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Message Switching Systems














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